Signatures, Web Address, Telephone/Fax Numbers

Format telephone numbers, fax numbers, Web addresses and email addresses using the sample email signature shown below as a guide for all forms
of communication that apply (from external marketing to internal communication). It is not required to include "www." in Web addresses.

All email correspondence must be on a white background only.

Signature format to be used by all co-workers
Font for digital communication: Arial, 10pt. size
Properly sized logo: see Downloads page

Pat Q. Banker (name in bold)
Executive Vice President
Commercial Lending Officer
NMLS# 123456 (if applicable)
1 line space
800 123-4567 (toll-free) • 123 456-7890 x123 (direct)
123 456-7890 (cell) • 123 456-7890 (fax)
123 Main Street, Anytown, GA 30601

2 line spaces

Email Reply Signature (shorter version)

Pat Q. Banker
Executive Vice President
Commercial Lending Officer
800 123-4567