Swiss font examples


Arial Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic

Acceptable Body Copy

(justified with proper word spacing and smart, limited use of hyphenation if needed)

hyphenated copy

Unacceptable Body Copy

(justified with improper word spacing)

justified text

Additional Typographic Tips

  • Registered marks, trademarks and service marks should always be superscript ® TM SM
  • When using these symbols in body copy, in most cases the first instance of the word in the copy has the mark while subsequent instances do not
  • There is only one space after periods and colons, not two as on a typewriter
  • Long dashes (—) or "em" dashes have no spaces on either side
  • Short dashes (–) or "en" dashes have one space on either side
  • Hyphens (-) have no spaces on either side
  • Periods and commas always go inside a closing "quotation mark."