Questions Answers
Where can I find a First American Bank & Trust logo to download? Logos in various file formats can be found on the Downloads page. For proper use of logos, please visit our Logo Usage page.
What are the precise colors of First American Bank & Trust's secondary palette? Please visit our Color page for this information.
What are the appropriate fonts to use in relation to the First American Bank & Trust brand? Please visit our Fonts page for this information.
Do templates exist for First American Bank & Trust communications, such as a letter? Yes. Please visit our Correspondence page to download a letter template. For information on how to format certain elements of an email signature, such as phone numbers, please visit the Writing Style page. In addition, all templates are also available on the communications tab of our intranet.
Where can I find additional information about First American Bank & Trust? More information about First American Bank & Trust—including our history, our executive team, newsletters and more—can be found in the About Us section of our main website.
Additional questions? We want to help. Please visit our Contact page.